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Uraguay customer bought screw capping machine semi automatic pump caps capper machinery for plastic bottles

Thanks for another order from our Uraguay customer who placed the second purchase on pump caps capping machine following the fist machine model YX-I
Magnetic pump filling machine. After we confirm the bottles shapes and caps  diameter we soon put the machine into manufacturing line.Within three days we
finished the model YX-SCM001 desktop screw capping machine and tested it in a great condition before shipping the machine to customer's door in South America.

As below there is the basic transaction business for model YX-SCM001 capping machine

Bank slip after payment sent from Customer:

payment for capping machine.jpg

Bottles samples offered by customer for capping

bottles samples from customer for capping machine.jpg

Testing run video of model YX-SCM001 screw capping machine for pump caps

Wooden case packing for screw capping machine model YX-SCM001

WOODEN case packing for screw capping.jpg

As below there is the basic description of pump caps capping machine:

The model YX-SCM001 desktop screw cappin machine is uitable for the cap screwing of different shapes of bottles in the industries of foodstuff, pharmaceuticals,

daily chemical, pesticide and cosmetics etc. Its four adjustable speed motors are used respectively for cap supplying, bottle clamping, delivering and cap screwing.

It is characterized by high level of automation, outstanding stability, easy adjustment, no need of spare parts for replacing bottle types or caps, which can be done only by adjusting.

Ⅰ. Desktop Screw Capping Machine Function:

model YX-SCM001 desktop screw capping machine.jpg


1.Control panel      2.Power switch    3.Torque regulator  4.up and down adjustment    5.capping motor   6.cylinder      7.capping head 8.position withstand

drawing of model YX-SCM001 screw capper equipment.jpg

Ⅱ:Main technical parameters:

screw capper equipment semi automatic.jpg

1.     Power Voltage:AC220/50Hz

2.     Cap Diameter:¢16-¢45MM

3.     Capping speed:20-50PCS/min

4.     Applied bottle height:40-330MM

5.     Air compressure:0.2-0.6Kgf/cm

6.     Weight:25Kg

7.     Size:48(L)X40(W)X60(H)CM

Ⅲ:Operation Precautions:

model YX-SCM001 screw capping machine.jpg

back side for screw capping machinery.jpg

1.     Before using, add ISOVG32 pneumatic gas oil or equivalent oil on the gas source processor.

2.     To adjust the capping head according to the bottle height.

3.     To adjust the cap size, according to the bottle cap, two sides adjust at the same time.

4.     To adjust the position withstand, let the bottle mouth under the center of the capping head.

5.     To adjust the Torque regulator meet capping strength.

6.     Switch on the power, open the hand sliding switch for gas.

7.     Control valve operation, first to pull up the adjustment switch can adjust the air pressure.

8.     Manual operation, to connect the food stamp switch under the electric box. Note: To be sure the manual/ automatic button on the red light position.

Ⅳ:Trouble treatment method

1.    Machine cannot open, check if it is supply AC220V power or power is damage, transformer burn off, change a new one.

2.     Cannot work automatic, manual/automatic doesn’t switch, or not open start button, or the wire board in trouble, electromagnetic valve cause it.

3.     Motor does not move, torque adjustment switch broken or transformer, capping motor, capping motor start button in trouble. 

4.     Capping lose or not tight, adjust the torque regulator.。

5.     Capping motor does not move, check if the power, or electromagnetic valve, wire board in trouble.

6.     Cap press cylinder does not move, check if the power, or electromagnetic valve, wire board in trouble.

Ⅴ:Operation panel function:

operation panel function for screw capping machinery.jpg

1.      Torsion Force Adjustment

2.      Capping pause interval tine display

3.      Lock cap time display

4.      Automatic

5.      Stop

6.      Manual

Ⅵ:System maintenance

1.     Before or after opening the machine, keep the machine inside and outside clean, to make sure the machine normal movement.

2.     In the morning and afternoon, check all screw of the machine, sure no loose, if find, tightening it with tool.

3.     Keep other products away from the machine, to avoid stop the machine move.

4.     Out of work time, turn off the power to avoid other trouble.

SCREW CAPPER machinery model YX-SCM001.jpg