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semi automatic big drum capper machinery 20L Lubricant paint oil bucket capping equipment

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20L Lubricant oil bucket capping machine semi automatic

APPLICATION of capping machines semi automatic:
This kind Lids/Caps Pressing Machine mainly used in open barrels, paint barrels, oil barrels, drums, paint bucket, hand drum (easy handheld type) series: 4L, 5L, 10L, 12L, 18L, 20L. It's belonged to necessary special tools which widely used in Barrel, Can, Lubricants, Coatings, Chemicals, Petroleum, Edible oil and other Liquid packaging industries.
close picture of press capper.jpg

It's an important part the production line, finishing barrel cover capping, twice capping make sure tight & flat during and after capping.
Locating heavy barrel below capping plate, after finishing positioning  work, use foot switch to start capping function, which including twice capping.
Aerofluxus Function: there's an aerofluxus device under the middle size  of capping plate, this function can make barrel air-out to protect barrel when capping.

20L bucket press capping machine.jpg

SPECIFICATION of bucket press capper:
Name   Semi-auto Capping Machine
Model  YX-P
Control System   Electric-Pneumatic
Capping Range  4-20L
Capping Plate Size  340mm (Be Optional)
Capping Speed  (20L)120-150pcs/h   (4-10L)150-200pcs/h
Material  Painted Steel, Roller without engine
Dimension  1000(L)×520(W)×1300(H)  (mm)
Unpowered drum: 1m length
Weight  100KG

press capper.jpg

bucket 20L.jpg

Delivery Time:

bucket filling capping machinery automatic.jpg

In apx. 7 work days after a validate contract delivery in Guangzhou or SHENZHEN .
IV. After Service:
Installation: Our Company will fix and test the machine well enough before delivery and your company can use the machine directly in your factory without any more adjustments. At the same time, your company operators can go to our factory and our technicians will teach them how to install, operate and maintain the machine. If you need our technicians to do fixing, testing or servicing abroad, you need to do with correlative charges.
Our machine is guaranteed for one year in which we will supply you with spare parts and services free of charge, man-made damage as well as the delivery cost of the spare parts excluded. When you have problems in process, please feel free to contact our technicians


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