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multi head R.O.P.P screw capping machinery glass bottle sealer bouteilles verre machine de capsulage
Date:2015-05-17 18:12:24

Video of metal caps sealing machine multi heads ROPP capper equipment

model YX-AC55 multihead R O P P screw capping machine fully automatic metal threaded caps capper equipment bouteilles en verre machine de capsulage designed and manufactured by our engineer team in cosmetic&food&pharma making and packaging machinery is widely used in the daily chemical industry like bottles capping machines and such like.We as a famous manufacturer moreover can design and produce the packaging machine according to the special requirements from customers.
The machine shown in this video is a PENGLAI-BRANDED rotary capping machine equipped for the application of 30x44mm, roll-on aluminum closures.  This particular machine is an 8 head capper suitable for speeds up to 80 BPM, but rotary machines are available is sizes ranging from 3 to 36 heads, yielding operating speeds from 80 to 1280 BPM.  To illustrate the operating principles of this roll-on capping machine, strings of 10 bottles each, will be run through the capper while we focus on several critical elements of the machine responsible for the proper application of the cap. Oriented caps flow by gravity down a chute that has a cap dispenser mounted at its end.  The dispenser is located directly over the path of the bottles traveling through the infeed starwheel.  Bottles must be supported at their necks by the starwheel as they pick-off a cap from the spring loaded fingers of the dispenser

metal caps capping machines.jpg
SALIENT FEATURES of multi heads ROPP caps sealing machine
No container no cap arrangement.S.S. elegantly matt finished body.
Adjustable height of conveyor belt, to align with other machine of the line.
Sealing pressure can be varied to suit different gauges and size of caps.  Low noise level, low power consumptions.
Self-lubricating UHMW- PE guide profile for low friction wears surface, smooth and noiseless conveying.
SS cladding or hard chrome platting of all exposed parts to ensure long life and resistance against corrosion.
Universal coupling for quick and easy setting of In-feed worm.
Adjustable bottle height gauge for easy and quick setting
Specification sheet of model YX-AC55 multihead R O P P screw capping machinefully automatic metal threaded caps capper equipment bouteilles en verre machine de capsulage:

AUTOMATIC capping machines.jpg
parameter of automatic R.O.P.P capping machine:
Supply powder (V/Hz)   AC 220/50 380/60
Capacity(m/min)        80bpm
caps sizes(mm)  250-1000
Applicable caps aluminum caps
Air consumption of vacuum pump (m3/h)  5KG
Size(L×W×H)(mm) 2000×1000×2300
Weight(KG)  800
Our Factory since 1992 has been manufacturing the cosmetic&food making and packaging machinery.In these field we have the experience rich enough to solve the questions encountered by our customers from both home and abroad.For more information about various high quality machinery like model YX-AC55 multihead R O P P screw capping machine fully automatic metal threaded caps capper equipment bouteilles en verre machine de capsulage ,please email via jackdu999@yahoo.com or browse our website http://penglaichina.com.
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